It is well-known fact that many years ago it was almost impossible to imagine bread production in baker’s industry without yeast from the breweries, which is found either in the beer foam or in its sediments after fermentation. But it was a problem since it took the dough a long time to rise and it was almost the whole night long.
Modern demands caused by automatization and industrial bread production enlargement with the dough rising period of 40-60 minutes, brought to the end the use of brewer’s yeast in baker’s industry and completely new production of baker’s yeast began, with the whole new automatized process by using the sugar production byproduct, which remains after sugar crystallization known as molasses. With this new technical and   technological process called "Using brewer’s yeast for industrial production of baker’s yeast and the requiring equipment for carrying this process out" certified as the Yugoslav patent number 47858 as well as the European patent number EP 0 537 547, I showed that in the beer production process it was possible to produce the best quality baker’s yeast, which fulfills   all modern demands such as dough rising period (40-60 minutes), durability and other needs that guarantee the best quality bread industrial production.
Besides the mentioned characteristics, this process has many advantages such as:

  • The usage of brewer's yeast for baker's yeast production which makes beer production clean and without suspended matters.
  • It is possible to gain extraordinary economic effects in beer production by increasing of the yeast bio-mass up to 3-4 times and by best quality baker production, as well as better beer utility up to 2%.
  • Getting to know my patent which has in many cases showed advantages, it is possible to decrease transport expenses and to enable a much better market supply with baker’s yeast.
  • Brewer’s yeast is much better and healthier base for baker’s yeast production, because a clean cereal biochemical process has been used.